Unlock Boston will make the hidden history of Boston come to life in a new and accessible way. From a deadly flood of molasses that buried Boston’s waterfront to a book bound wholly in the skin of a convicted thief, the city is full of history that has been lost to time. Unlock Boston is ready to tell those stories. Each story has a dedicated video segment, accessed by a point of interest on a map. In collaboration with Luca Shapiro and Gavin Hackeling. My roles: UX design, UX research, Front-end development.
Please visit: http://www.unlock-boston.com

Smart Mat


Smart Mat lets you track your yoga practice in a new way. By tracking the changes in your body's balance, Smart Mat shows you the patterns of your movement and flow and offers focused feedback that helps you improve your yoga practice. It uses force–resistance sensors built into a yoga mat to measure the distribution of your body weight as you move through the balance poses of your yoga practice. Smart Mat is currently under development. In collaboration with Elise Porter. My roles: Concept, Interaction Design, Back-end development.

Gotham Project


Gotham Project is a fullscreen video website about an interactive performance Gotham Project that consists of three live projection screens, electronic musical interfaces and interactive costumes. The performance was to explore the possibilities of live performance, and the website is designed to have the same immersive experience via online. My roles: Concept, Design, Front-end Development, Visual effects.
Please visit: http://www.gothamproject.info

Macarons and Twitter


Macarons and Twitter is an website that shows the locations of the latest tweets containing the word "macarons" and their geolocations. It uses Twitter API in order to identify relevant tweets and where they were tweeted. Macarons and Twitter also uses WebGL to display the data in real–time. My roles: Concept, Design, Front-end development.
Please visit: http://www.macaronsandtwitter.com



Palimpsest is a location-based mobile application that lets user discover hidden stories of New York City. Using GPS data, Palimpsest helps the users explore nearby historical places by giving cues such as location pins and storytelling videos. In collaboration with Luca Shapiro. My roles: UX design, Back-end development.


As an intern of Digital Media department at Whitney Museum of American Art, I have been actively involved in creation and maintenance of Whitney Museum's official website under the guidance of my supervisors. My roles: Contents Management, Research, Motion graphics.
Please visit: http://www.whitney.org