Map My Retirement shows you how big of a difference it can make if you live in a smaller house, drive a more modest car, or retire in a less expensive city. And it will help you start to understand how much more things will cost 20 or 30 years in the future. So you can visualize your retirement goals, and start planning for them accordingly.



There are many behavioral studies that show how our brain works when we prepare long-term future. Prudential's Bring Your Challenge has started to identify the issues and suggest how to trick brain to better plan our retirement. Inspired by the fact that visualizing is a key factor to achieve one's goals, we wanted to create a tool that helps users picture their life in retirement and do a better job of planning for it. Visualization should be detailed as much as possible, to influence successfully, hence we wanted Map My Retirement to helps users imagine what their life will be like in retirement, calculates the cost of that life, and then lets users compare the costs in over 300 cities, suburbs and small towns all across America. We also wanted this tool to be easy to share so users can easily pass this along to whomever they want to help retirement planning.


User research

Our primary target users were 30-40s young professionals who aware of the importance of retirement planning but are still reluctant to take an action. Our secondary target users were 40-50s professionals who are willing to make a significant changes on their retirement savings. 


Interaction Flows and Wireframes


beta build and USABILITY TESTING 

There is no argument that tool should be easy to use for any type of users, but it was particularly crucial for the Map My Retirement tool as it returns more accurate data to the result when users provide more detailed answers. So we worked with the Catalyst Group to validate the ease of interaction and navigation as well as the comprehension and perceived relevance of information. We conducted twelve moderated one-on-one qualitative interviews (one hour each) and 205 online quantitative surveys. Result was frustrating. Although participants learned important insights by completing the tool, most struggled with interface elements, and overlooked some content.




Canne Cyber Lions (Bronze)
One Show 2014 (Merit)  Interactive User Experience design web utility
One Show 2014 (Merit) Interactive Data and Human Experience Data-focused design
Webby Awards (Winner) Financial Services &Insurance



Agency: Droga5
Client: Prudential
UX Designer: Hiye Shin
UX Director: Kathrin Hoffmann