MY VERIZON APP: Prepaid (2017)



The My Verizon app meets the needs of 110 million subscribers for the Verizon, the America's largest wireless provider. They had been provided simple and reliable mobile app experience for the postpaid customers and it had been shown the success engaging rate. But not for the prepaid customer, until yet.

As the telecommunication market saturates and the competition becomes fierce, it was natural to offer the same, consistent experience for the customers regardless of the customer type. I was tasked to be a lead UX designer for the Payment sections for the Prepaid multiline customers, specifically for one of the most complex segments like billing, data usage control and e-commerce part. 

Featuring a simplified bill, personalized control center, on-demand support and shopping functionality, the new app has achieved increased sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.



• Within seven months of the app’s launch, Verizon’s mobile sales conversion rate rose 15.6 times, and overall usage is up over 50%.

Bill payment within the app increased from 68% to 85% and is buoyed by a 27% lift in autopay enrollment.

• The new app gives the network’s 113 million customers more control, with less work, all in the palm of their hand.



The ask

Up until 2017, Verizon customers have all been on Postpaid account in which they pay for any charges made to their account after they have been made. In summer 2017, Verizon launched the Prepaid service for the single line customers who can pay in advance for any charges made to their account. As the demands from the families and the small business owners grew, the needs for the multi-line capability became obvious to help those who wants to manage multiple prepaid lines on one account.

I was tasked to create an mobile experience for the payment management which is to be a main feature of the app.






EXAmple concept development / Flows


Launch video




Agency: AKQA New York
Client: Verizon
UX designer: Hiye Shin
Associate UX director: Brad Donnelley