TOYOTA came to Droga5 to  lead marketing around a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle called the Mirai. Toyota defines Mirai as a new generation of the vehicle, and Mirai's digital hub should be an integral part of the "Turning Point campaign" to effectively communicate Toyota's vision and commitment on fuel cell technology before it's launch in 2015. For this bodacious digital campaign, I've been a member of UX team from concept through deployment.

Right after Mirai to the world, Droga5 undertook another job of launching ‘The Conversation’. It's online forum that acts as a hub where the hydrogen debate can take place. We also launched ‘The Feed’ which houses articles and content about Hydrogen from around the web. 



• Until its launch in fall 2015, Mirai cars will not be available to the public; most consumers won’t be able to see or drive the car till then. 
• Because they require specific infrastructure, Mirai cars will only be available in California
• Fuel cell vehicles have faced various safety criticisms.



Working with UX director as a team, we conducted user research and competitive analyses to understand our target users and competitive realm. Based on the result, we proposed the ideal Information Architecture to best convey our narrative and use cases, and delivered the wireframes reflecting our strategy. I also managed mobile solutions and responsive design frameworks, collaborating with the design team.

On the Feed and Conversation pages, I had a great opportunity to run this project from beginning to the launch from formulating strategic idea and UX discovery to the wireframes iterations and quality assessment.


To validate the user flows and the structure of the site, we made a clickthru prototype with InVision. You can check both desktop and mobile version.


Agency: Droga5
UX Designer: Hiye Shin, Vincent Boyce
UX Director: Daniel Perlin
Digital Designer: Devin Croda
Creative Director: David Gibson, Nathan Lennon
Technical Director: David Justus, Joachim Do
Development: Jim Alexander